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US citizens and business customers increasingly are using messaging apps to keep in touch with each other and with the world around them, but it’s unclear what that means for the US Government.

A year ago, we asked a panel of experts to identify the best messaging apps for US citizens, businesses and governments to use in order to get the most out of their devices.

And they said the answer is “almost exactly the same” as it was two years ago, even as some new messaging apps have emerged in recent years.

Here are five new apps that are shaping the future of messaging, and how they’re changing the way we communicate with one another.

Read moreThe panel of technology experts who spoke to ABC News focused on apps for both US citizens (those who use messaging apps at home, for example) and business users (those using them at work, for instance).

They also examined apps for the public and government sectors.

The panel recommended a new app for government and government-sponsored organizations called Signal, and recommended that US citizens use it as their default messaging app for all other US apps, not just Signal.

The panel said that it was also important to note that Signal is not a replacement for messaging apps.

It’s an extension of the messaging ecosystem and offers the ability to share your content in an encrypted form.

The app does not provide support for the encryption of communications.

Instead, it offers a suite of messaging apps that allow users to communicate and communicate securely, including Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage, WeChat, Line, Instagram, Skype for Business and Apple’s iMessage.

“The messaging landscape is evolving and moving towards more robust services that will enable people to stay connected with their families, loved ones and colleagues and have a secure and private place to share their thoughts and feelings,” said Matthew Johnson, the executive director of the Government Technology Office.

“We’re still building out the capabilities that make it possible to be an effective advocate and advocate for the American people, but now is the time to start making those services more available and useful for our citizens and businesses,” he said.

Signal is available on both iOS and Android and offers a wide range of features.

It also includes a “Find Your Friends” feature that lets users search for a person or a group of people in their contacts.

For business users, the panel recommended using the iMessage app.

iMessage is used by more than one billion people across the globe, including over 1 billion US citizens.

Its service allows people to chat with one or more people, send messages and photos, send money and share information.

For government users, a new messaging app called Signal is gaining traction.

In the latest update, released late last year, the app added support for encryption.

The app is also now available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

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