Headphones company

A new survey finds that the majority of corporate customers are willing to pay more for online services that offer additional features and content, even if it means getting a better service experience.

The survey of over 1,000 companies found that 62 percent of the top tier companies charged a premium for these features, including over half of those in the US, while just over a third of the lower tier companies didn’t charge any extra.

The top tier was most likely to offer content with more than 5GB of storage (57 percent), while the lowest tier companies were most likely not to offer such a large amount of storage at all.

“The more advanced features you offer the more valuable the extra money you’re going to be paying for,” said Adam F. Goldstein, founder and CEO of crypto currency exchange Bitstamp.

“If you’re offering an app with 10GB of free storage and 5GB for video, that’s not a big deal.

But if you have an app that has 10GB for a game with 50-100 people, it’s going to cost you a lot more.”

The survey found that a significant portion of the more expensive tier companies, as well as companies with more powerful mobile devices, are now using third-party apps for some of their most popular services.

This trend is likely to continue in the future, as mobile platforms become more powerful, Goldstein said.

“It’s the mobile world, and the companies are going to move in a different direction,” Goldstein said of the future of mobile.

“It’s going back to the more consumer-focused, less expensive tier, and they’ll be using third party apps.

They’re going back in a very different direction.”

The biggest winners in this trend are the companies with a strong focus on data and data analytics.

They charge far more for this type of data, and for services that allow customers to access the information.

The vast majority of the companies surveyed, however, do not charge more than the average for the lowest price tier.

“Data analytics is the next frontier for the companies,” said Goldstein.

“And the big winners are those that are doing it well.”

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