Headphones company

Frontier Communications, the world’s leading wireless communications company, has announced first quarterly results.

Frontier Communications, which has a market cap of $4.8 billion, said its revenues increased by 1.4% in the quarter ended March 31, up from a 1.3% increase in the prior quarter.

The company said it had sold 1.5 million devices in the first quarter, up 1.2% from the prior year.

The company said that while its revenue growth was driven by strong performance in the United States and Europe, the U.S. was still the most-frequented market.

It said the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia were also among its most important markets.

The world’s third-largest mobile phone company has also launched its new broadband services, with plans to add over 1 million subscribers in the next three years.

The news comes a day after a leaked document claimed Frontier Communications planned to spend $1 billion on a new communications hub, and was expected to unveil the first new iPhone and iPad products since the launch of the iPhone 4S.

In its earnings call, Frontier Communications said it was working to deliver “some new products that are a first for Frontier and a first from the company.”

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