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By now, you’ve probably heard the Apple vs. Google battle raging in the courts, and you’re probably wondering if the battle is even really over.

Well, no.

At least not yet.

The battle is going on, and it’s not going to end anytime soon.

The battle isn’t over, and if you follow the internet at all, you know that Apple isn’t backing down.

Apple’s latest legal move comes just days after the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision in favor of the government, the first time that a court has sided with the government over a technological issue in over a decade.

It’s an unprecedented victory for the government in a case that has taken the US government years to bring to trial.

But it also comes on the heels of a string of defeats for Apple in recent years.

The company is being sued by the FBI for a variety of reasons, and is losing at every turn.

Apple has long maintained that it doesn’t want to compromise privacy.

In fact, Apple’s lawyers have repeatedly stated that it will protect the privacy of all of its users.

But this week, Apple announced that it had agreed to settle its legal case with the FBI.

Apple is agreeing to pay $15 billion to settle charges that it violated the US constitution by allowing FBI agents to bypass encryption on iPhones.

The US government, in its legal brief, said that Apple didn’t properly protect its customers’ privacy and said that the FBI was violating the Constitution by trying to use a “secret” court order to access data stored on an iPhone.

Apple has since said that it would like to see the FBI reform its practices and stop violating the privacy rights of customers.

The decision comes amid growing concern over the privacy implications of encryption in the US, as well as in Europe.

A report released earlier this month by the European Parliament found that the use of encryption is the single biggest cause of data breaches in the EU, and that the encryption is so important to protecting personal data that companies must offer it to customers.

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