Headphones company

A Charter Communications spokesperson said that the company was “fully committed to working with the government to find solutions” and that the issue was being handled internally.

“We are fully committed to negotiating solutions that will give our customers the best possible experience and help them continue to communicate,” the spokesperson said.

RTE’s correspondent in Dublin, Claire Kelly, said that, despite the fact that the Charter Communications shutdown was the latest in a series of events, it was not the end of the story.

“They’ve just had a blackout that will last for three days, and this is the first time it’s been the last day,” she said.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty, and people are still worried about what’s going to happen in the future.”

She added that the decision to shut down the services could have repercussions for other businesses, including the internet provider which was the first to take part in the shutdown.

If you or anyone you know needs help, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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