Headphones company

A charter company that has won support from former prime minister Jean Charest and the separatist Parti Québécois has launched an attack ad campaign in Quebec.

The new charter company, the National Alliance of Charter Communications, launched its ad campaign Thursday in the province’s second-most populous province, in the Quebec City region.

In an ad titled “The Charter Company: A Political Power, Not a Business,” NAC CEO and President Jean-Pierre Blais claims Charter Communications is “a political power” and “a threat to the integrity of the democratic process.”

NAC is a non-profit organization whose members include several former cabinet ministers.

Blais says Charter’s “political and business agenda” is “threatening the integrity and independence of our political system.”

Blais says NAC “has taken a stand on the issue of charter and its impact on Quebecers and the way we should govern our province.”

He says Nac is working on a plan to “stop the damage” Charter is causing.

“We have a clear plan to stop the damage Charter is doing to Quebecers’ democracy,” Blais said in a statement.

Nac has already launched an ad campaign attacking Charter Communications’ plans to privatize the Quebec government, as well as the Quebec Education Act.

Blasys group says it’s targeting Charter because “it’s a political power that’s hurting the country.”

A charter is a type of legal document that establishes a governing structure for a territory.

Charter’s plans include the creation of a national language, the creation, expansion and operation of a state-run news service, and the creation and operation, operation and regulation of a charter-affiliated university.

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