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The latest survey of mobile broadband services in India shows that the industry is dominated by a handful of players, and many of them are small and mid-tier players.

Here are some of the top-tier services and providers.1.

Reliance Communications – India-based Reliance has been the largest mobile broadband provider in India, and it’s still growing.

The company currently offers services in over 100 cities and towns, and the company offers a free 2G or 3G plan to all customers.

The telecom giant offers a wide range of broadband services including 4G mobile, 2G and 3G plans.

Reliant’s 4G and 2G plans include unlimited data, 4G calling and 3GB of voice data.

For the 3G and voice plans, Reliant offers a fixed monthly price of Rs. 2,499 ($300), which is cheaper than other top-rated mobile broadband plans.2.

Idea Cellular – Idea Cellular is a leading telecom company with over 100 million subscribers across the country.

It offers two-line 2G, 3G, 4,5G and 4G LTE plans.

Its plans are priced between Rs. 3,999 ($430) and Rs. 5,999.

Idea’s 4K mobile data plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4K video streaming.3.

Vodafone India – Vodacom is a telecom company that provides voice, data and internet services across the globe.

It currently offers a 4G, 2.5G, and 3.5 G mobile broadband plan.

Its 2G data plans start at Rs. 1,499.4.

Relish Networks – Relish offers services across multiple markets including India, the US, Mexico, Brazil, and other markets in Southeast Asia.

Relishing offers a 1G and 1.5GB mobile broadband and voice plan, with a 3G data plan at Rs 3,499, and a 4K voice plan at 1,999 (the cheapest 4G plan).5.

Vudu – Vud, which has more than 500 million users, offers a nationwide voice and data plan for Rs. 13,499 (about $700) for voice and a Rs. 9,999 for data.

Its mobile data plans are available in over 70 cities and are priced at Rs 1,799 ($800) and 1,995 ($1,000), respectively.6.

BSNL – BSN Laxmi is a mobile broadband operator that has a 4x2G plan with 4G VoLTE and 2×2.5M VoL.


T is a voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology that enables high quality voice calls.

It has an LTE network in more than 60 cities and has a network of more than 150,000 data users.

BLS plans start from Rs. 11,999, which is about $400, which offers good voice quality, high data capacity and the most advanced call quality features.7.

Relax – Relax offers a prepaid voice plan of Rs 1.99 ($1) and unlimited data for Rs 1,-499 ($100).8.

Relia Telecom – Relia is an operator that offers 3G mobile services across more than 200 cities and is the second largest provider in the country behind BSN.

It is available in the US and most of Europe, with plans in some other countries, too.

It also offers 2G mobile data and voice in some markets.9.

Vivo Mobile – Vivo offers services through its mobile and internet products.

It’s the fourth largest mobile internet provider in a country that’s home to about 90 million mobile users.

It runs a nationwide 4G network in about 120 cities and offers a number of services.10.

Relive – Relive is an ISP that offers high speed broadband services.

The service has a global footprint and provides voice services across a wide geographical area.

It was acquired by Bharti Airtel in October 2018.

It provides services to more than 25 million subscribers and is available to customers in India and outside India.

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