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The law requires people to report crimes and provide information to police if they suspect they are in imminent danger of serious harm, but it does not require people to disclose their identity.

It also doesn’t require people who are in contact with police to provide information about their contact details, such as their phone number.

A 2014 study found that people who reported having been attacked by a stranger were at increased risk of being assaulted if they were in contact, but the researchers said it was unclear whether people should have to inform police about their relationship status.

A report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists last year recommended that the law should be changed to require people in contact by law to report all incidents of physical assault, but said the change should not affect reporting of sexual offences.

A report by the Canadian Institute for Justice and Democracy last year suggested a legal standard for reporting physical assaults, similar to the laws in the United States and Europe.

In recent years, more Canadians have come forward with information about abuse, including a woman who went public with details of sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of her mother, a man who reported being raped by his father, and a woman in her early twenties who says she was gang-raped.

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