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By now you’ve probably heard about Cisco’s new Wave Communications internships program. 

According to Cisco, the program will allow students to gain valuable experience in a variety of Cisco products. 

The Wave Communications internship program was announced at Cisco’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits in San Jose, California in late October. 

Cisco claims the program is designed to give “the best possible education opportunities to Cisco students” by offering “a variety of internship opportunities and career development opportunities” to students in its networking, IT, cloud, and data centers. 

These include Cisco’s OpenStack-based products, as well as the upcoming Cobra IoT-enabled cloud and mobile products. 

 What does Cisco say about the program’s success? 

According a Cisco spokesperson, the Wave Communications program has been successful in attracting students to the company’s networks. 

“Our Wave Communications students have gained valuable experience and knowledge by taking the Cisco network training program and the Cisco Connected IoT course,” Cisco said in a statement.

“In fact, these students have been able to gain more than 1,300 hours of Cisco Connectable IoT experience and have been named as part of the Cisco Community of Connected Innovators. 

Additionally, the students who participate in Wave Communications have also gained valuable technical and business skills.” 

Cadre, an internship site that offers “Cisco networking, network management, and IT internship opportunities,” said that Wave Communications interns have gained the most experience. 

For example, they have been working with the new Cisco IoT-driven cloud platform, and have seen the benefits of the training. 

They also have had a “great time” in the program, Cadre says. 

Other internships available to Cisco employees include networking and information technology internships, and other networking and IT related work. 

 Citing Cisco’s goal to make Cisco a “leader in open source,” Cisco also stated that the Wave Communication internships will be available to students as well. 

You can learn more about the Wave and Connected internships programs at Cisco. 

Read more about Cisco and the Connected world in our blog on the Cisco Connects platform.

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