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The Federal Communications Commission is moving closer to regulating the way we communicate online.

On Wednesday, the agency announced plans to issue new rules to establish a new rule that would require online services like Facebook and Twitter to make the content they host publicly available.

The rules would apply to the largest companies that manage online services, like Twitter and Facebook.

The announcement came just days after the FCC passed a landmark privacy ruling that will ensure consumers and businesses can keep more of their information private from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube.

Last month, the FCC also announced that it is considering a rule that will require websites to share users’ personal information, including their names and phone numbers, with third-party services, such as social networks, email providers and phone companies.

“We must ensure that our Internet services can continue to operate and flourish while protecting the privacy and security of all Americans,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement.

But privacy advocates, consumer groups and others are worried the rules could lead to greater government control of the Internet.

Internet providers could also have a tougher time getting new regulations approved.

The FCC’s rulemaking process will require companies to submit to public comment, which could delay the rules from taking effect.

For example, if Congress repeals the FCC’s current rules, companies could have to get permission from the FCC to offer more personalized advertising to customers.

The agency also has the power to overturn a rule and to delay its implementation until a different version is finalized.

In January, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Telecommunications Act that gave the FCC more authority over Internet providers, including over the Internet itself.

The court held that the Communications Act gives the FCC the power “to impose, with due regard to the need to preserve the open Internet for the benefit of all, reasonable conditions for the provision of Internet services.”

The Supreme Court also said the agency cannot force Internet providers to collect data from people under certain circumstances.

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