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If you thought the worst was behind you, then you should look out.

This article from the UK’s Daily Mail reveals that, according to the British government, there are a number of very real and very real dangers to our planet and our future.

As the government’s National Security Strategy (NSS) outlines, “a range of threats” include nuclear war, pandemics, a “world war” and even “an asteroid strike.”

This news comes as the government prepares to publish its own NSS for the 21st century.

The latest NSS is due to be published in March 2018.

But the NSS has been under fire for being largely unhinged, largely based on an ideology that is deeply rooted in the conspiracy theory of the New World Order (NWO).

According to the National Security Council’s (NSC) analysis, a key “threat indicator” for the NSC is “the number of people, organisations, and entities engaged in and preparing for an imminent act of war.”

“An act of terror is a potential threat to the safety and security of the United Kingdom, the security of its citizens, and the national security of our allies and partners,” it says.

In other words, the NSE’s assessment of a threat is based on the assumption that the attack is imminent.

The government has also argued that the “threat indicators” that the NSP uses are inadequate.

“A number of recent incidents” show that there is “a very real risk that the country could be at risk of an imminent attack.”

For example, in August 2018, two terrorists were killed by a British police officer, and in November 2017, the country was rocked by a terrorist attack that left more than 100 people dead.

However, the government argues that the threat of a “new world war” is “likely to increase” over time, as globalisation continues.

“As a result, the threat level of a new world war is likely to rise to ‘high,’ or higher than at this time in the 20th century, or in the 1980s,” the NS says.

However the government is not entirely wrong.

According to a 2016 study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the threat posed by a new global war is actually much higher than it has been in the past.

In 2016, the CSIS concluded that the world has experienced at least four major waves of global conflict over the past 60 years, which had killed more than 20 million people.

“There is no doubt that the recent global pandemic has been one of the most catastrophic global events since the end-19th century,” CSIS wrote.

“It has brought about the highest levels of human suffering, destruction and loss of life in recorded history.”

In other word, globalisation has done more damage to the human species than a new nuclear war could ever possibly bring.

But this is not the first time the government has warned of a potential global catastrophe.

The “New World Order” concept was first coined by American neo-conservatives in the 1970s.

In 1973, the US government set up the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) as a “forecasting tool for projecting the threat from nuclear war to world peace.”

According to The New York Times, “NIE predicted the imminent threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union in 1980, the end to the Cold War in 1991, the first global pandemic in 1998 and the second pandemic in 2006.”

The NIE was also the basis of the “Nuclear Weapons in Disarmament” (NWID) program, which aims to “prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

In addition, the “New Worlds War” program “recommended that the United States be prepared to wage an aggressive military campaign to defeat the Communist forces in North Korea.”

The idea of an NWO has been a part of American history for over 150 years.

The United States’ National Security Policy Advisory Council (NSBAC) was formed in 1955, with the aim of “building a credible foreign policy and national security strategy for the United, the nation, and its people.”

The “NSP” was established in 1966, and it’s since been a “critical component” of the NSBAC’s overall policy development.

The NSP was also a key part of the National Counterintelligence Program, or NCP.

According a 2016 NSP report, “the NSP and NCP have served to support and expand the national intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities of the US.”

The National Security Adviser (NSA) in the Trump administration, Michael Flynn, has been an advocate of a global “NewWorld Order.”

The US intelligence community’s view on the future of the global economy is echoed by Michael Flynn.

The former national security adviser to the president told the Senate Intelligence Committee in January 2018 that he believes a global NewWorld Order

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