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When I first got into Twitter, it was a little weird.

The app was a lot like Facebook: there was a bit of a barrier to entry, and the platform was still new.

But now it’s incredibly accessible, and a whole lot of people seem to use it for the right reasons.

But when I asked a couple of people on Twitter what I should tweet about, the responses were pretty clear: “black people are disgusting.”

A recent article in the Washington Post showed how racial tensions were at a fever pitch on Twitter, with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter trending in the United States as recently as last week.

The topic was the most talked-about on the platform during that time period, with a majority of tweets containing the hashtag.

A hashtag is a way to convey a sentiment or a feeling.

The #Blacklivesmatter hashtag became popular in 2016 as the hashtag trended across social media after the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

The hashtag was created as a way for black Americans to express their anger about police brutality, police brutality in general, and other social injustices.

It also helped push black celebrities to speak out against police brutality.

A hashtag also can help a company gain traction in a crowded space.

Twitter’s recent growth is due to its growth as a platform for users to communicate and share content.

“Black lives matter is really about how we can make this space more inclusive, so that people feel safe and welcome and feel comfortable expressing themselves,” said Tia T. Jones, a research analyst at the technology company TrendForce.

“We have this whole space, and people want to see more diverse voices, and they want to have more opportunities for them to be heard.

But there’s a lot of silencing going on.

That’s not going to happen with #Blacklifematter, because we’re not going away.”

One way Twitter can make its platform more inclusive is to make it more accessible to people who don’t speak the same language.

That includes people who are not familiar with the technology and aren’t familiar with Twitter’s diversity tools, which can help with identifying users who are likely to be in the minority.

But it also includes people whose voices are marginalized and who might not be used to using the platform, Jones said.

Twitter’s diversity efforts can help address a number of issues.

One of the first steps to doing so was the #NotAllBlackLifemakers hashtag.

It was created in March 2017 to highlight the need for more diversity in the black community.

Twitter also has a new “black-inclusive content” section that aims to bring new voices into the conversation about issues of black and brown people.

It’s unclear if Twitter will make the changes it promised in the past, but Jones believes that its commitment to diversity is an important step.

“If you’re a black person who doesn’t want to use Twitter because you think it’s just a black app, you can start talking about that on Twitter,” Jones said, adding that the platform will be open to everyone.

“It’s an open platform, and it’s a platform that people should be able to use to speak to each other.”

Twitter also announced a program last month that allows people who have been banned from Twitter to appeal their ban to Twitter.

This is a key change for Twitter to make, as it is a platform where it can say “I’m not interested in hearing your opinion on whether or not Twitter is a good place to work,” Jones added.

“This is not a conversation that should be shut down.”

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