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A home explosion, fire or natural disaster can affect your entire home.

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your family.


Protect yourself from damage If you have any injuries or property damage from an explosion, a fire or a natural disaster, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

The first step is to keep yourself safe and make sure you have the right supplies.


Get emergency phone numbers The first thing you need to do if you are worried about someone who has a phone is call 911.

This will alert the police, fire department, medical services, emergency services, and the national guard to your situation.


If you can’t get help, call your local fire department You can also call your nearest fire department to talk to someone who can help.


Make sure to have emergency supplies and a safe place to put them You need to make sure your home is safe and secure.

You can always ask your family and friends to make emergency supplies for you.


Use a safety plan A safety plan is a set of rules and guidelines to follow in a disaster situation.

These can include having a place to store your possessions and items you can use for a while, knowing what to do during a disaster and having some sort of emergency contact person in case of an emergency.


Keep yourself safe online If you are on the Internet, you can find help from people who know what to look for and are knowledgeable about your home and the people living there.


Keep an eye on your pets You should also keep a close eye on all of your pets.

This includes how they are handling a natural gas leak, gas pressure, water pressure, and other safety issues.


Know what to expect from a natural disasters If you live in a home or apartment that has been damaged by a natural catastrophe, such as a house fire or flood, you should make sure that you are prepared to protect your family, pets and friends.


Get a free emergency phone number You can call 911 and get emergency help from the National Guard, fire, medical, police, and emergency services.


Know your neighbors There are several ways to keep an eye out for people in your area who might be in danger, but you can also contact your neighbors to find out what is going on. 11.

Stay alert to signs of an imminent disaster Avoiding an accident, fire and natural disaster is a big responsibility.

Here is how to stay alert and stay safe in an emergency situation.

1 .

Check your home’s wiring to make certain that your appliances and plumbing are working and to make repairs to keep them running.

2 .

Check for leaks or damage to your home to make plans to get help if needed.

3 .

Check in with your family or friends and let them know that you have a safe and comfortable place to live if you need help.

If your family is in your home, get them to stay at home and call 911 or go to the local emergency number.

4 .

Get the latest weather information from the Weather Channel Weather stations in the United States are showing severe weather and extreme weather in the Northeast and Midwest.

5 .

If your home or apartments are flooded, check the weather reports on the National Weather Service website and see if it is flooding in your neighborhood.

6 .

Know your pets and other people in the neighborhood to help in any way possible.

7 .

Keep your home dry.

The moisture in your homes can trap heat and can cause a natural fire.

8 .

Make sure your pets are comfortable in your yard and are not being pushed or pushed around by other pets.

9 .

If you see a threat, contact your local police department or emergency services first and get them there to deal with any possible threat.

10 .

Get emergency food and water.

Get the most recent food and drink advisories from your local public health department or your local emergency food distribution center or food bank.

If food and drinking water are out of reach, call the nearest food distribution centers to find emergency food.

11 .

Check if you have other insurance coverage.

If not, you may need to obtain a coverage card from your insurance company.

12 .

Get an insurance agent.

You need an insurance company to sign up your coverage.

Get an agent to sign you up for your coverage to ensure that your household will not lose out on benefits.

13 .

If possible, check with your insurance agent about the best way to contact your insurance provider and get the best rates.

14 .

If necessary, get an appointment with a medical professional.

15 .

Make an appointment to get your children vaccinated.

16 .

Make a list of people and things to check in your mail and make a list in your emergency plan of things to bring to your residence.

17 .

Keep a list for emergencies at your house.

18 .

Check on your home from the time of the explosion,

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