Headphones company

Telstra’s Telstra Communications Australia store is selling new routers and switches for a fee of $1,400, and they cost $800.

A Telstra spokesperson said Telstra had a strong commitment to delivering the fastest broadband speeds to customers.

“Our Telstra Networks store carries a broad selection of router and switch options for all Telstra customers and our goal is to provide customers with a high-performing network that works seamlessly and efficiently,” the spokesperson said.

Telstra does not sell routers for its home broadband service customers, but it does sell its own broadband router for $4,000 and has a range of high-performance and ultra-high-speed routers for home broadband customers.

Telas services are offered at speeds up to 30Mbps.

Customers can also buy their own Telstra DSL modem at Telstra stores.

The Telstra spokesmen said the company did not sell its products directly to customers, or sell the routers or switches directly to them.

“Telstra Networks does not direct customers to our online stores, but rather provides customers with access to a variety of router/switch products from our Telstra network,” the spokesmen wrote in an email.

“Telstra’s online store offers a wide selection of high performance and ultra high-speed router and switches, including Telstra broadband routers.”

Telstra said it was not aware of any complaints about the pricing, which it said was reasonable.

Earlier this month, Telstra introduced its $5-a-month Telstra SIM card, which can be used to make monthly payments for broadband services.

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