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This is a new twist in texting while traveling.

In a new feature called “Silly Texting While Driving,” Google is taking the same concept of texting while going through the lane to the next lane and the next to the one you just passed.

You will only be allowed to text while you are going through a turn and the only way to avoid this is to slow down.

Here’s how to avoid the silly texting while the road is moving.


Do you need to stop to pay for the fare?


If you are driving a vehicle with a speed limit of 25 mph or less, you are considered in a lane that you are not supposed to be in.

You can’t text while going between lanes, so stop to let the other lane pass you.


Can you stop for the traffic signal?

Yes, but only for a short time.

There are some rules you must follow.

The signal needs to be turned green by your license plate before you can stop.


Do not use your phone while driving to get an email or text message.

It could get you in trouble with the law.


Do NOT use your smartphone while driving for entertainment, social media or work.

If your phone is used for these activities, you will be in violation of California’s distracted driving law.


Can I use my phone while texting?

Yes you can.

This is because texting while in the lane is prohibited by law.

If the driver of the vehicle is texting, they are not permitted to make eye contact with you, look in your direction or read your text messages.


Do I have to pay if I text while driving?


The texting while traffic law does not apply to the drivers of vehicles that are equipped with lane-keeping assist technology (LTE).


Do people still text while moving?

Yes they do.

You must still slow down or slow down in the other lanes for other drivers to see you.


Can other drivers text while I am texting?

You are still allowed to send and receive text messages in the lanes that you just crossed.


What if I can’t stop for traffic?

You can still slow up to give the other driver a chance to get around you.

However, you may want to slow up if you want to make sure you have enough time to make a right turn or to cross the street.


Do drivers still text when I am driving?

The rules are the same as before, except now they are allowed to message.

But the rules are different when they are driving.

This rule applies only to drivers that are operating a vehicle that is equipped with a lane-controlling device (LTCD) that can detect and reduce lane change.

If an LTCD detects a lane change, it will activate and the driver is required to stop.

If there are two or more lanes that are not controlled by a LTCd, the driver must slow down and the LTC, in conjunction with other traffic, is required stop in all lanes.


How do I tell the police what I am doing?

You should always tell the authorities, especially when you are traveling in a group.

It may be difficult to tell if a driver is texting or not if you are texting and moving in the same lane.

The following rules apply to texting while on the road.

A) Never stop for anyone who is not a law enforcement officer.

B) Never text in the front of a group of people unless you are in a designated lane or have permission from everyone in the group.

C) Don’t text when there is no one around.

This may mean people will stop in the middle of a traffic light or stop to chat or take pictures.

D) Do not text while traveling in the carpool lane.

If a driver does not know the location of the next passenger in the vehicle, it could cause a problem for all of the passengers.

E) Don, ea, ve, ve the right way when you stop to make another lane pass.

F) Keep a close eye on your speed.

If someone speeds in your lane, stop quickly and wait for the next vehicle in the right lane to pass you before you make a move.


Do texting while riding a bike?

No, but you are allowed in designated bike lanes.

If another vehicle has to pass, you must slow to pass them.


Do riding a bicycle in a school zone?

No you must obey all traffic laws and stay on the sidewalk when passing.


Do standing in a public place while driving while texting or using your phone?

Yes this is illegal.

The laws vary by state.

If in doubt, do not text in a certain location, like at a school, bus station, restaurant, shopping center or sports arena.


Do driving while using your cell phone while riding?

Yes the law is changing.

Drivers are permitted to use their cell phones while driving.

However they are prohibited from using their

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