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The Jaguars have started the 2017 season by making some big changes to the way they play football.

Jaguars general manager David Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley have taken a lot of heat for not adding a lot to the team, but this is the team that is starting to build a reputation for being one of the best teams in the league.

The Jaguars are building the kind of football team that fans can’t wait to see.

Here are five reasons why.1.

Gus Bradley is not a big believer in traditional football philosophies.

If you’re familiar with the history of the NFL, it probably goes something like this: Teams that have won a championship in the past three decades have always played a certain way.

The league has always tried to build teams into a better version of themselves by emphasizing the skills of the quarterback and the skill sets of the running backs and receivers.

But that doesn’t mean teams can’t play with their eyes closed and not take risks.

Teams that win in the modern era can often rely on their players to be smart and crafty, but that also means the coaching staff can’t just throw the ball all over the field.

The Jaguars have a new approach to the game that, while it won’t change much, is going to be more fun to watch.

They’ve started the season with the intention of building a winning team.

And, as the Jaguars put it, they’re “trying to build on what worked in the old league.”

They’ve built a roster that is both deep and versatile, so it will be easy to find an edge rusher in the first round.

They have a pass rush that can play the run and the pass, a defense that has a pass rusher in Tashaun Gipson and a pass-rushing linebacker in Maurice Hurst, and they have an offense that will use a quarterback who can throw the deep ball and run the ball.2.

The biggest challenge for the Jaguars is finding the right players.

The Jaguars are going to have to find the right player to fit with their offense.

That means developing players who can contribute in multiple areas.

The players the Jaguars have in place will help the team get back to its traditional football style, which will allow the Jaguars to keep their roster relatively young.

They will also allow them to add players with the ability to be the type of player who can develop into a future starter.3.

It’s not just the offense that needs help.

Jacksonville also needs to find a way to keep its roster in the NFL’s upper echelon.

It has to be able to produce enough talent to make a playoff run.

This means having to find players who will be able and willing to put up numbers.

If the Jaguars can find a balance between those goals, it will make it much easier to get the right guys in the right spots to win games.4.

It will be a lot easier to draft players with NFL experience.

Players like Jarrad Davis, the first overall pick in the 2015 draft, and Dwayne Gratz, the fifth overall pick last year, will have a long career in the National Football League.

They should be in the mix for the team’s quarterback position in the future, which is why the Jaguars should be interested in drafting a quarterback.

The team has been in talks with Davis for a while and Gratz had some success last season.

The problem is that they are only going to get better once they draft a quarterback in the draft.5.

There is no guarantee that the Jaguars will be in a position to make the playoffs this season.

One of the most exciting parts about this season for the Jacksonville Jaguars is the fact that they have a chance to make their first playoff appearance since 2012.

The best part of the Jaguars’ turnaround is that the team is getting the best talent available.

They don’t have to rely on veterans like Davis and Grats to fill their quarterback hole.

The top draft picks in the 2018 draft, in particular, will help make the team better and better.

The biggest question mark will be the team in front of them.

The Jets have had success in the playoffs in the last few years, but it took the Colts and Packers two years to make it to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots had to play in the AFC Championship Game after the Patriots won in the regular season.

If you look at how teams from the NFC Championship Game team that went to the championship game were able to get in the postseason, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

But it will probably take more than one year for the Jags to get that kind of success.

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