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By Michael LoccisanoA young hockey player is on his way home from the rink.

Suddenly, he sees an opponent in the hallway.

The young man, who has just come off a power play, takes a step backward.

The defenseman grabs his stick and hits the goalie in the helmet with a slapshot.

The impact is so violent that the goaltender must quickly take his helmet off and duck under the attacker.

The puck hits the ice and the defender loses his helmet.

The two players, one with his own mask on, fight in a brawl.

One of the NHL’s most notorious incidents occurred on the ice on Jan. 23, 1983, when a Philadelphia Flyers player, Dennis Seidenberg, and a Pittsburgh Penguins player, Mark Howe, squared off on the boards.

It was the first time any hockey game had been played on the New Jersey Devils ice since the league was created in 1947.

It took place during a time when many in the NHL were struggling to get the game’s new rulebook ready for the 1981-82 season.

Many players wanted the rulebook changed.

Others wanted to make the game more violent and more exciting.

And it wasn’t just hockey players.

Hockey players and fans alike were frustrated that they couldn’t be seen as tough guys, or even that they didn’t have a way to get in on the action.

“It was pretty obvious to everyone in the room that the rule was being changed to make it a little more exciting, to make things more dangerous,” says Mike Haggis, the director of communications for the New York Rangers.

“I think that’s the reason that it was so successful.”

Haggis says the new rule book is now in its fifth edition and has been adopted by every NHL team in the league since it was first introduced in 1986.

The rule book includes a “foul to the face” section that was originally designed to apply to players and referees.

The new rule also states that players who “use or threaten to use a weapon, physical obstruction, or threat of violence, or who engage in conduct that interferes with the normal course of a game or of the game itself, will be subject to discipline.”

Hggis says a lot of players felt the new section was too restrictive.

He says he believes some teams have even removed the rule book from the official rules book.

“Some teams are trying to remove it,” Hagges says.

“In other cases, the league’s going to try to remove the rule, because that’s how you get it out of the rulebooks.”

The rulebook’s purpose is to provide players with more information about the rules of the ice.

It’s also intended to allow referees to make tougher calls.

“You have to be a smart referee to make a good call,” Hoggis says.

“It’s a big deal.”

The new rule allows referees to use “more specific language,” which can be interpreted to mean the referee has to give more leeway to the player.

Haggins says the rule has been used to make players and officials look tougher.

“They’re getting tougher and tougher and getting tougher,” Hggis said.

“So, if you want to be tougher, you better be really good at the job you’re doing.

It really doesn’t matter what your skills are.”

But some players are unhappy with the new rules.

Hoggis and his wife, Pam, have been watching the game for years.

“We just don’t see that in our games,” Huggis said of the new language.

“And when I say that, I mean, we don’t have to.”

The Huggins have been at the game every night for the past 10 years.

They’ve seen the rule change, and now they’re not sure what the rule will do to the game.

“What is the purpose of the league?”

Haggins asked.

“Well, to have a better hockey game.

But to make sure that we have the rules that are right.”

Hoggins says some of the more violent incidents in the rule are over the head shots, like when a player hits the puck against the boards or tries to get it into the back of the net.

He wants to make some of those types of incidents more difficult to defend against.

“There’s a whole bunch of players who don’t know that they have to fight in these types of situations,” Higgis said, “because we don’ know what the penalty for that is.”

The more people who can’t fight in those situations, the better the game is going to be.”HGGIS says the rules have changed to address a lot more issues.”

This has made the game a little bit safer, and I think it’s made it a lot safer for everybody,” he said.”

But when it comes to the things that we know can happen on the game, like hitting somebody on the head

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