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A Black woman book is not Black, it’s a book, a collection of books, by an author who is not black, and the first volume of her new Black Women’s Movement book, The Black Women Speak Book, has sparked outrage. 

In a Facebook post Monday night, book author Janae White posted an excerpt of the new book titled Black Women Are Not All Black. 

“This book is intended for all women and girls who are passionate about the Black Womenʼs Movement, and for Black women who are seeking to be heard, heard and respected, but who do not feel safe speaking out,” White said. 

The excerpt was shared more than 100,000 times.

White wrote: “My hope is that this book will inspire Black women to take a stand against racism and the ways in which it continues to affect Black women and their communities.”

White has written two other books in the Black womenʼ movement, Black Women in the Movement and Black Women, the Black Woman. 

White has previously shared several controversial books about black women.

In a 2014 book, White shared stories about how she had to “learn how to fight” in the civil rights movement and how she was a victim of racism in a school in Alabama. 

She wrote a book on how black women are not all black, which was published in 2017. 

That book also was not published by Amazon, and Amazon’s description of it states that the book was “written by a Black man.” 

In October 2016, White wrote a column in The New York Times about how the Black Lives Matter movement, or BLM, has done nothing but destroy the lives of black women in the United States. 

Black women are NOT all black. 

And the only way to change this is to start from the beginning. 

You have to start with the black women that you know, and you have to get to know. 

For Black women, you have a history of being ignored and marginalized by society. 

It is a history that has not gone away, it has just been put in a box, and it is time to get the history out there and make it real. 

We are not a victim group.

We have been here before. 

I donʼt want to start the fight from scratch, I want to build it from the ground up. 

What we have to do is to bring this history out in the open and show that Black women are in this together. 

Because if you canʼre a black woman, you are a Black women. 

So, we are going to stand up.

We are going, we will make this book.

We want to fight. 

All Black women should stand up and be heard. 

If we can do that, we can change this, and we can stop this. 

Thank you for your time. 

Tanya Thompson-Williams, The New Black Woman

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