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A new smartwatch can synchronously communicate with its smartphone, according to the first device to do so.

WatchOS, which will be released later this year, allows users to synchronously connect to a watch with a smartphone in order to watch video, listen to music, and read text messages on their smartwatch.

But, in a way, the watch is the real key to what’s possible in this kind of technology, according Nick Bostrom, the executive director of the MIT Media Lab and the co-author of the book Superintelligence.

Watch, for example, lets users make use of the watchOS framework to read messages from a smartwatch, as well as read messages sent from a smartphone.

When the watch syncs, the device can make and receive calls, and can also respond to a phone call.

But Bostom and his colleagues wanted a device that also would have a built-in camera, which would allow users to see the camera and record video, and a way to control the camera’s speed, to capture images, and to control its brightness.

The idea is that when the user’s phone gets too bright, the camera can turn off, allowing the user to watch videos without disturbing the video, or turn off its video recording feature to let the camera record a video, which could then be uploaded to a cloud server for later viewing.

“When you use an operating system like Android, you can do things like control a camera by changing its setting,” Bostomsays.

“But in a smartphone, you have no control over the camera, and you have to get in touch with the phone’s owner.”

In a way the watch represents the difference between the user and the smartphone, the developers said.

The watchOS app on Google’s Android phone lets users control the screen brightness with the touch of a button, and lets them change the color of the screen and even display a notification for a notification, Bostemos says.

“That’s something that Android phones have always been really good at, but with the watch, you control it remotely, without having to physically touch it.”

The developers say that it is possible to control video playback, to record a photo, and even send messages via the watch’s microphone.

The developers also say that the watch can record a song by opening the watch and listening to the song, and then opening the phone and listening, too.

“It’s really hard to get something like that working with just a phone, without the phone actually connecting to it,” BOSTEMOS says.

But he believes that in the future, this technology will be used in applications for all kinds of things, including health monitoring, social networking, and video calling.

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