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In today’s interview, IGN’s James Bondi discusses how the Internet is making it easier for people to connect with each other, as well as the difference between an email address and a phone number.

“The thing that’s interesting about the Internet and how it’s changed how people interact with each others and the relationships they’re having,” Bondi said, “is that they’re all connected to each other through email and social media, so we can all be friends and see each other’s faces.

The thing that really bothers me is the idea of having an email or social media account or whatever you call it.

It’s just an idea that’s completely unnecessary, and it’s actually the reason that people don’t have any communication.”

Read more about James Bondis interview with IGN:The Internet, Bondi continued, is “increasingly important in people’s lives.”

“If I’m driving on the highway, and there’s a car that’s coming up ahead, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the one,’ and you can’t just say, ‘Hey, look, I need to take a phone call.’

You have to take that route, and so if I’m in a position where I’m using an email account and I need something, I can go, ‘Okay, that one’s good, let’s go on Twitter.'”

While Bondi wasn’t able to go into detail about how the use of an email would be better, he said that “when you’re using a phone or a social media app, it becomes a little more complicated.”

“When you’re on Twitter, the one thing that is not going to work is saying, ‘I’m going to go ahead and call my friend and I’m going for coffee,'” he explained.

“You can’t do that.

The other thing that will work is when you’re with somebody on Facebook, and you’re texting them, and they’re messaging you, and your phone is going to ring and they’ll reply, ‘Yeah, that was a terrible email.'”

The problem with this is that people are often communicating via email because they can’t access social media or are afraid that their friends will notice that they are using an account, Bonda said.

“When people are having problems accessing social media and people are getting messages from their friends, that could be the best way to communicate,” he said.

“The thing with email is, it takes a lot of effort to get through, and sometimes you can only use it for a certain amount of time.

So the thing that we’ve seen with the Internet, where people can just type something, and have it go away, is just a problem.”

As for the new iPhone 6, Bondis said that he’s excited to see the new phone, which is the first Apple device to feature the Apple Pay system.

“Apple Pay is going through a really interesting period right now, and I really like the fact that they have this new technology that they can do a whole bunch of things with,” he continued.

“I’m really excited about the new iPhones.”

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