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The P&g campaign is coming up with a health care plan that looks like this: The first few words on the P &g campaign poster are, “If you’re worried about health care coverage and you don’t want to be, then buy a plan that’s a lot more affordable.”

That’s right.

You will not be able to buy the health care you want under the Affordable Care Act.

In fact, if you want the health coverage you want, you will not get it at all.

But P&gt wants you to buy that health care at a very high price.

That’s the new message, put together by P&gs marketing team.

The plan starts with the headline, “Get the health you need at a low price.”

Then it says, “No one has ever had this choice before.”

Then, the plan says, “[T]he Affordable Care is here to help you get it.”

So, you buy the plan and it says that you’re “guaranteed coverage.”

The only catch is that you will have to pay “a lot more.”

It doesn’t say how much you’ll have to spend.

What you pay, and what the insurance company will pay, will vary by state and insurance company.

You won’t get your money back, but you will pay the premium, which is the full amount of your insurance premiums.

The second thing is, you can’t cancel or change plans at any time.

You can’t get a lower monthly premium.

The only way to get health coverage is to buy it, and then you have to keep it.

Then, after you buy it at a price that is more expensive than the one you had before, you get to keep the insurance until you get sick.

But, in other words, you don.

So, the insurance companies will be able charge you more, and the insurance premiums will be higher, if they can.

The third thing is the new premium.

You’re getting this “premium” to cover your medical costs, the “premier care” or the “cost-sharing” that the insurers charge you.

That is, the premiums will increase every month until you are covered for those costs.

This is a huge step down from the current system.

The new premium is supposed to be “premiered” when you buy your health insurance, which will happen on or after October 1.

The premium is not to be paid by you until after you’re insured.

This means that the plan will go on your insurance, regardless of whether you are in a state that does not have the law or does have it.

The insurance company does not get to decide what that premium is, because the law does not allow it.

So it is not the insurers who are paying the premium.

That means that people will be paying a lot of money for health insurance that is not covered by the Affordable Health Care Act, even if they don’t get sick or need to buy insurance.

The last thing is what P&gm says in the ad.

If you want to stay in your current plan, you have until January 31 to make a decision on whether to keep or drop your health care insurance.

You must do this because, if your health is underfunded, you may not be covered for your medical expenses.

But you will get the new plan.

So you can keep your health coverage until January 30, 2019.

But if you buy health insurance on January 1, 2019, you won’t be able buy it until January 2, 2019 when you get your annual health checkup.

So now you have a choice: Do you want your health to stay the same or do you want a new plan?

If you decide to keep your plan, the cost of that plan will be $7,700 per year.

If the plan costs you $7.7 million, you’ll pay $3,700 more per year for health care, per year of coverage.

If, on the other hand, you drop your insurance and buy a new one, the premium will be just $1,000 a year, per person.

If your health plan is cheaper than the new one you will still have to cover all your medical needs.

So the cost-sharing part is the biggest part of the new health insurance plan.

P&ga says that “if you are a middle-class family or an elderly family, you pay about $8,200 more per month for health coverage than if you keep your coverage.”

So the insurance costs will be much higher for middle- and upper-class families and older people, but for lower-income families, the new plans are much cheaper.

The bottom line is that health insurance premiums and costs will go up.

And you will also pay more for out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments, because those expenses are going up. The

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