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A new report from CBS News shows that Sorenstons parent company, Sorenstein Communications, was a major player in the movement for Black Lives Matter in the early 2000s.

The report shows that while the company had a small role in the campaign, it had a major role in supporting Black Lives Matters and its allies, including Black Panthers and civil rights activists, and it contributed to the political rise of Black Lives March.

Sorenson was a subsidiary of General Electric (GE), a company that has been heavily criticized in recent years for its role in climate change denial and other climate change issues.

GE had been a major donor to the Clinton-era climate change research center that later became known as the Center for Climate Change Communication.

In 2009, the Washington Post reported that the company received a $1 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to research how to use climate change to increase corporate profits.GE has been under scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed that it gave a $2.5 million grant to an anti-apartheid group called the South African National Liberation Front in 2007.

The company was also involved in another controversy in 2012 when a GE-funded think tank, the Center of Strategic and International Studies, published a book called “Global Citizen” that promoted the “war on white people” as the “greatest threat to civilization.”

The report also shows that the Sorensteins philanthropy helped finance a $3 million television ad campaign featuring the black activist rapper Lil’ Wayne and featuring an image of a black woman wearing a Donald Trump shirt.

The group has received support from billionaire industrialist Warren Buffett and his wife, Melinda.

Buffett, a billionaire and investor in the oil and gas industry, has given millions of dollars to Black Lives matters since the election.