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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin are changing the way we interact with each other.

But what about what they can do for us in the future? 

A few months ago, I spoke to Spencer Walsh, an Associate Professor at the School of Computing at Carnegie Mellon University, about the impact that these cryptocurrencies can have for us and what their future could look like. 

Sperling: The big question here is how do we make money in crypto?

Is it just a good thing?

Is there a business model?

And what are the risks?

What’s the biggest problem?

Walsh: This is a very interesting question.

It is hard to think of a business in which you make money because you have to make a profit.

And I think the most exciting thing about crypto right now is that it’s actually the easiest to start and grow a business around.

So if you have a cryptocurrency, it’s basically a way to buy something and use it for something else, so there’s no reason why it should be limited to the things you want to buy. 

It can be used for a lot of things, like things like mining, trading and buying other things.

The blockchain is the record of every transaction that ever took place on the internet, and if you buy an item with crypto, it becomes a record of all the people who have ever bought that item, and then you can trace it back to the original owner of the item.

You can even create your own currency by having your own private key that you can use to pay someone else, which makes it incredibly easy to make money on the blockchain.

And you can actually use the blockchain to buy things that people are really excited about.

You just need to be careful about what you buy, because then you will need to spend money on those things. 

There are some very interesting applications, like a bitcoin miner that would basically have to go out and spend bitcoin to produce the most hashrate possible.

There are some amazing applications that could be created for things like micro-transactions that are taking place all around the world, and these things will be cheaper to make and more efficient, and it could even be cheaper than the internet in terms of bandwidth.

There’s lots of potential. 

What are the big risks? 

The big risk with cryptocurrency right now, for me, is the fact that they’re new and they’re not regulated.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and a lot more people are moving into crypto, and the governments don’t have a clue what’s going on.

They don’t understand the technology or how it works.

I think that the biggest risk right now for cryptocurrency right is the regulatory environment.

If the government wants to do something about crypto, they could ban it or fine people. 

Where does it go from here? 

We don’t know yet.

We have this great platform that people like Satoshi Nakamoto and a bunch of other people created that allows you to build cryptocurrencies.

There have been a few things like this that have come out of it, but I think they’re still not as well understood as we would like.

The most interesting thing is that we have some really exciting potential in the area of cryptocurrencies, and I think we could be seeing more of that in the next 10 years. 

And what do you think about the cryptocurrency market right now?

Do you think it will continue to grow and change the way people interact with their money? 

It’s interesting because we’ve had this amazing opportunity to make something that people can use, but that’s not really a very big market for cryptocurrencies right now.

We’ve had an amazing platform and a huge community that’s helping people with all kinds of stuff. 

If it continues to grow, maybe it’ll be something we see in the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, and beyond.

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