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In the last few weeks, the media has become a veritable cesspool of hydrocephali-related news, with the most popular news sources covering it up and the media themselves being complicit in it.

But how to communicate with your friends when they’re having hydrocephalic episodes?

In India, where there is a lack of awareness about the condition, many friends and relatives of people with hydrocephalous cases often do not realise what’s happening.

As a result, some friends and family members are not aware of what is going on in their friend’s head.

In fact, a friend of mine with hydrocephaly was not aware that his friend had the condition until he went to a hospital, and a few days later, he was in a hospital.

He had severe headaches and could not speak.

His friends and acquaintances also did not realise that he had the hydrocephalitic condition until a few weeks later.

In many cases, it is difficult for friends and colleagues to comprehend what is happening to their friends and families.

While some people try to educate their friends on the condition and tell them that they are doing the right thing, the fact is that it’s a huge problem.

It is not only a matter of communication; in some cases, patients are also unable to communicate and some patients do not want to be treated.

There are also the physical issues, such as the inability to sit up straight.

Sometimes, a patient does not want the treatment, or cannot get up at all.

The most important thing is that they get help.

If someone is not receiving proper care, the person may not survive.

There are so many things that are going on behind the scenes, that are not being properly understood.

I think that we are failing in our job.

We need to have better communication, which includes talking about the issue, but also showing them that we care about them and that we appreciate their struggle and their struggles.

We need to stop the panic and start the conversation.

We also need to show that we support each other and are supportive.

Many doctors and patients with hydrochi have come forward and shared their experiences with NDTV.

Read more:What you need to know about hydrocephalism: The NDTV article NDTV’s “The Story of India’s Hydrocephalic Patient” documentary focuses on the plight of hydrocephalic patients.

NDTV has partnered with the National Institute of Health to produce the documentary.

The film has been screened at the Indian Institute of Science, Delhi, and has been seen by millions of viewers.

Read moreThe ND, however, did not want people to see what is actually going on.

Instead, NDTV is trying to make people aware about hydrocephasia and how it can be treated, and how to get the right care.

ND TV has partnered up with The National Hydrocephalus Foundation, which is dedicated to the fight against hydrocerebral palsy and hydrocephaliosis.

“The Story” follows the journey of a patient from a small village in Rajasthan, who was diagnosed with hydrochlid.

He goes to a private hospital in Delhi to get a treatment.

But when he arrives at the hospital, he finds the doctors there are not willing to help him.

Instead of being helped, he is taken to a large hospital where the staff do not know anything about hydrochlisis and are not able to help his patient.

The patient also feels like he has to be the patient himself, and he starts a petition to raise awareness about hydrocelephasia.

After NDTV screened the film, it was received well in the community, which was the first feedback NDTV had received.

NDtv had shared the film with its audience on social media, and they liked it too.

ND, in turn, has shared the clip on social platforms.

Here is a list of the social media reactions NDTV received.

How to talk about hydrocyte dysfunction to your relatives and friends.

The ND has been sharing its “The View from the India House” video on social channels, which has been liked more than 15,000 times. 

The ND also shared its “What you want to know” video which has also been watched over 20,000, and is also seen over 15,200,000 time. 

A lot of people have also shared ND’s video with their friends, and NDTV reached out to the social networks to make sure people understand what is taking place.

ND had also shared the video on Facebook and YouTube, and people are watching ND’s videos over and over again.

ND has also started a petition against the condition in the Supreme Court. 

I was very lucky to have ND’s film in the mix.

It is an eye-opener and shows the truth about what is really going on inside hydrocephalians’ heads. What can I

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