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On a recent afternoon, a group consisting of two students, two professors and one graduate student were on the phone with a professor.

This conversation, however, took a turn for the bizarre when the professor turned the phone off and called his friends and colleagues to join him in his office.

It was all going on at the office of one professor, he said, and he was trying to get some work done on the computer.

The professor’s colleague had asked the student to bring him some books, but the professor had refused.

This, the professor claimed, was a matter of privilege.

The conversation went back and forth, but ultimately the professor, who was still a professor at the time, took the initiative and went back to his office to work.

“I was so pissed off and so frustrated because the professor is an old man and the person who he asked was a woman,” says the student.

The professor told his colleagues that he wanted to ask the woman to take a break.

They responded by saying, “We will take care of this.”

The professor then went to the office and asked his friend to join the conversation and, after some arguing, the two men decided to start working together again.

“I was like, why did you do this to me?” asks the student, who is now an undergraduate.

The student and his colleague have been in contact with the professor and are now in regular touch, the student claims.

“He’s a nice man.

He’s always nice to me and the professor never called me a ‘whore’,” the student says.

“We have talked about this, and I think the professor has learnt from the incident and now is going to be more considerate.”

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