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L3 Communications has posted a video to Facebook, showing how to identify noisy devices in your network.

The video shows how to disable devices, identify noise and make sure they are not causing interference.

L3 Communications chief executive, Alex Leventhal, said the company is looking to build a cloud-based service that will allow its customers to monitor and control their network.

Leventhals latest initiative is a cloud service that provides a platform for monitoring and controlling the L3 Network.

The company, which was founded in 2013, said its L3 Connect service is being built in partnership with IBM.

“This is an initiative that is in the process of being rolled out across the world,” Leventhall said.

“This is going to be an absolutely free service and it will be available for everyone, whether they are a business, household or individual.”

L3 Connect is available to L3’s customers worldwide and will provide a free service.

The service will be delivered in a “cloud-like” environment, according to the company.

Leventhal said L3 is also in the early stages of a project to offer a new technology that will enable its customers a new way to connect.

“The new technology will enable our customers to connect and control the L2 network from a remote location, without the need to leave their home,” Levehtals blog post said.

“They can use L2 as a mobile hub for connectivity, which allows them to be anywhere at the same time.”

Leventhal said the service would be free for all L3 customers.