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Microsoft Surface 3 Pro is now on sale in India and is available in black and white.

The device is available on Indian eBay for Rs 14,999.

The price includes GST.

The Microsoft Surface Pros are currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

They are currently on sale for around $100, but are available on eBay for around Rs 10,000.

The Surface Pro 4 is currently on offer for around £150, and is currently priced at around £99.

Microsoft is also offering the Surface Pro in a variety of color options, including white, black and red.

The hardware itself will be priced at Rs 1,999, while the accessories are priced at just Rs 1.99.

It is expected that the price will be lowered when the device is on sale.

Microsoft has also announced that the Surface Phone will soon be available for sale in Indian stores.

Microsoft says the phone will be sold in India in April.

Microsoft also has a website which will give users a preview of the new Surface Phone, which is expected to be unveiled at a Microsoft event in New Delhi later this month.

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