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The sport Bible explains the meaning of words, how to make the most of your songs and tips on how to use music in conversation.

It’s a must-read for anyone looking to write the perfect song.1.

Words are your friendsThe words that make up your music are what you use to convey the feelings you’re trying to express.

That’s why you should use a catchy tune that sounds like the song you’re writing.

It will make your listener feel good.2.

The melody of the song is important to a songwriterThe melody of your song will help your listeners understand how your song relates to what they are already hearing.

Make sure your melody fits the lyrics and the mood of the music.3.

When writing songs, try to think about the emotions the listener will feelWhen you write songs, think about what the listener wants to hear in the song and what they’ll experience in the performance.

If your song is too abstract or you’re talking about emotions that don’t apply in real life, your listener will be more likely to skip it.4.

You can make your song sound like the movie or TV show it’s aboutIf you’re going to write music that’s meant to be watched by millions of people, you need to keep the emotion in your music.

You don’t want your listener to think it’s a video game, so make sure that your song doesn’t sound like a video.


You need to write your music in a certain wayWhen you’re composing your music, think of the things you want to convey to your listener.

Do you want the song to be funny, poignant, catchy, or something in between?6.

Use the same words over and overWhen you compose your song, use the same songs over and above.

That way, the listener gets to hear different parts of your music before they’ve had a chance to listen to the whole thing.7.

The way your song sounds is very importantThe way your music sounds can be very important to your listeners.

If you write your song as if it were a movie or a TV show, you’re putting your listeners in the middle of the action.

The more the listener hears you, the more likely they’ll listen to your song.8.

Your song should be a hitThe most important thing about your song to your audience is that they should love it.

That means that you should be able to get the maximum number of people to listen.

When your song has a high success rate, you should get more people listening to your music than you would in a typical radio or TV commercial.9.

Make it catchy and funThe next step to writing a catchy song is to find the perfect melody.

It should sound like you’re telling a joke, and you should have fun with it.

You should also include some musical elements, such as the sound of the instrument you’re playing.

The music should fit your lyrics, and it should be catchy.10.

Avoid using words that you can’t pronounceThe lyrics of your lyrics are your best way to convey what you want your audience to hear.

That is why they should always be easy to pronounce.

So when you write a song that you cannot pronounce, you might not be able get the most out of it.

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