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Google News article Google has launched an initiative called ‘Internet Connected’.

Its aim is to give users access to a wider range of services on the internet, like YouTube, Spotify, and so on.

The initiative, dubbed ‘Internet connected’, is being rolled out to Indian cities.

Google said it would offer ‘Internet enabled’ and Internet-connected services across all cities, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Kolkataka.

The Google News blog says that ‘Internet and connected’ are two words, which means the initiative is a ‘synthetic’ one, in which ‘internet’ is a term of convenience.

However, Google’s blog also points out that the term ‘internet connected’ is an acronym, not an actual definition.

It could be used to describe any kind of service that provides access to the internet.

For instance, the term could refer to a ‘connected TV’, or ‘connected car’.

The blog also says that Google has been experimenting with the term and that the word has already entered usage in Hindi, Tagalog, and Malayalam.

Google’s announcement comes as the world’s internet penetration has been on the decline for a while.

In 2015, the world population of people with access to internet was 1.2 billion.

The next year, it was 1 billion, but fell back to 1.1 billion by 2021.

In 2018, China overtook the US as the most popular country in terms of internet users with 1.3 billion internet users, followed by Russia with 1 billion and the UK with 985 million.

Google has also been trying to connect people through its Google Home devices, which are connected to their homes through Google’s Home app, and also by its Hangouts app for phones.

Google is also looking at connecting people through Google Maps with the help of Google’s Project Tango.

Google said it plans to launch an ‘Internet Everywhere’ initiative in India, which will offer services like ‘Internet in a box’ and “Google Maps and Google Maps Everywhere.”

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