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Written by Alex Obert Contributor Contributor A writer’s job is to be able to communicate ideas and ideas have impact.

For some people, the challenge is finding an effective way to do that.

Twitter is an easy medium for those to engage in social media.

Its ability to reach millions of people at once and be viewed by millions more has made it the perfect medium for writing.

With this in mind, many of us have been able to create some of the most popular and engaging memes of 2016.

The list below is a compilation of the best Twitter tweets from 2016, and it is by no means exhaustive.

The purpose of this list is to provide a guide for writers to find the best of Twitter’s content and how to use it to communicate effectively with their audience.

This list is meant to be used by anyone who wants to write better and has a knack for creating great content.

Whether you are writing for a magazine, a blog, a business or any other medium, you can be successful using the tools at your disposal.

Let’s get started!10.

“What is it with the media?”

By far, the best and most memorable Twitter tweet of 2016 came from the popular social media site @NerdWallet, which has since become one of the top social media sites in the world.

The story was an inside story of the health care industry and how it has been underfunded by politicians and healthcare providers.

It also included a number of interesting quotes, such as: “The media isn’t there to tell you how to be a better person.

It’s there to make you feel good about yourself.”1.

“There are no real health care experts”By far the best tweet from 2016 came courtesy of @SidharthaBhargava.

He was a medical student at Columbia University and a student of the media.

He told his story of how he had been denied a loan to help pay for medical school.

He said that he had to apply for $10,000 from his own pocket to cover the cost of attending Columbia University, and was told that he was too poor to even apply.

In the end, he applied to medical school at the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and received a full scholarship.

He also got his degree from Columbia University.

He went on to become a medical journalist and is now a freelance writer for health and health policy news websites such as The Washington Post and the New York Times.2.

“The internet is a big part of this”By no means was this a groundbreaking tweet from @SantosJuan, as many of the comments on it are.

The former medical student explained that he felt like a stranger in the internet.

He explained how he became the only person in his family to have access to the internet and how he felt overwhelmed by the fact that he could not connect to people he cared about, even though he had friends who were online.

He further explained that it was the internet that made it possible for him to share his story and also help other people in similar situations.

“I don’t know if you realize how much it means to me to be online.

It was like the whole world was watching me,” he said.

“It was like, ‘OK, you know, if we can’t be online, then we’re just going to be on the phone.'”3.

“That’s what I call a good life”By the way, the tweet above was not from @HollywoodLife, but from @MarilynLovato, a longtime Hollywood actress.

She was in an open relationship with a former coworker, but ended up being kicked out of the relationship.

Her tweet also included an excerpt from her autobiography.4.

“A good life is hard to get”By a wide margin, this tweet came from @michaelkimberly.

He’s a writer, editor and actor.

He wrote a book about his life as a child and his journey from being bullied at school to being successful in his career.

The tweet was about his struggles to get into college and to be accepted into elite universities.

He even included a photo of himself standing on the front steps of the University of Pennsylvania where he was accepted to study journalism.5.

“In the beginning, you just got to be yourself”By one of our favorites from 2016 was @Nate_Sterling, a writer for @HuffPostBuzz.

The post was about a man who had struggled to find acceptance in his hometown, Ohio, where he grew up.

The author was a college dropout who was trying to find his voice and a way to make a living.

“He wanted to be the first one who could change the world,” wrote Sterling.

“His story, his path, was one that he would have loved to share with all of you.”6.

“This is not a tweet about Twitter”By many accounts

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