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The UEFA Champions Leagues final will be held in Warsaw on Sunday, but we thought we’d give you a quick primer on what to expect in the event of a draw.

First, there will be a full match preview with an hour of live commentary and analysis.

There will be two replays on Sky Sports and a one-hour show on Eurosport 2 from 11am on Sunday.

A preview of the match will be available on the UEFA website.

The UEFA Champions Cup will be played between the top three finishers in the UEFA Club Cup and the runner-up.

UEFA Champions Club Cup: The top two finishers of the Club Cup in the same UEFA Club Club League in the first round qualify for the final.

The top three in the Club League and UEFA Champions Europa League in each season qualify for that year’s final.

The winners of the UEFA Cup will host the final on 30 June, while the runners-up will play in the quarter-finals on 7 July.

The Europa League final will take place on 15 August.

The final will also be streamed live on UEFA’s official YouTube channel and will be live on Eurosports2 from 11:30am on Monday.

We’ll also have a look at the two teams that have the most points at the end of the season, with a look back at their performances in the final in 2017.

In total, UEFA will have a total of seven Champions League finals this season.

UEFA Europa League: The third-placed club from each of the two UEFA Club Cups will qualify for this year’s Europa League.

UEFA Club Champions League: If there is a tie, each of UEFA Champions’ Clubs Club Cups qualify for a place in the Europa League and the winners of each round qualify.

UEFA League Cup: Each of the four Clubs Champions League group stages and UEFA Club League final qualifies for the Champions League Final.

UEFA Super Cup: UEFA Champions Champions League winner takes home the trophy at the final of the Super Cup.

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: Club Cup winners qualify for both the UEFA Supercup and UEFA Cup.