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A new feature on Google’s news app that allows you to sort through articles by topics may have you confused.

While it seems like it has been implemented to improve the search engine’s search results, it may actually be used to hide your favorite news items that you’ve been looking for.

We’ve previously discussed how Google News is becoming a lot more powerful and effective as an information source.

And as of now, you can sort through hundreds of articles by subject, from the latest news to the latest social commentary, as well as by topic.

Google has also been working on a “more news” section, which allows you see the most popular articles on the site, along with links to their corresponding articles.

The new Google News feature has also seen some changes.

While you can still see which stories are currently top stories in your feed, it appears that you’ll need to click on “Show search results by topic” to find the news you want.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Show Search results by topics,” you’ll see a list of articles that you can scroll through and find.

But this new feature isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If your search is already done by clicking on a topic, then the “show search results” option will appear in the search bar instead of your news feed.

This means you can’t actually find any news you’d want to see in Google News.

The search result page for each topic in Google’s search engine has the “top” and “top stories” sections as well, which can be a little confusing.

For example, if you’re looking for the top stories about the Olympics, you might be presented with this page:The page looks the same as the previous page, with the Olympic Games listed as the first and second place in the article list.

The second article in the list is listed as “Top Olympic Stories.”

The third article in that same article list is still listed as a “Top Olympics Stories.”

The problem is that Google’s “show results by search topic” option has been removed from the new version of Google News, but not the old version, according to a Google spokesperson.

This new “show searches by topic,” feature, along by a new “Show articles by topic”, option in Google news is an example of how Google is trying to make it easier to discover news, but it may also be a way to hide some of your favorite articles that Google doesn’t want you to see.

The issue has already been noticed by some users on Google+, where many users have posted about how they’ve been unable to find specific articles from Google News as they are searching for information on certain topics.

Some of the posts were removed or ignored, while others were ignored.

Google’s “news” section is an interesting place to be.

While Google News isn’t the only place you can find news, it is the one you should be focusing on most when it comes to search results.

Google doesn, however, make it easy to get to a list containing news that you might like.

This may be because Google News does not have a news filter.

Rather, Google News doesn’t contain a filter, meaning that any news from a topic is automatically shown to you when you search for it.

So you can click on any news story and you’ll be shown an article with links that lead you to the relevant article.

However, the new feature may not be able to hide any articles you’re interested in.

You can, however,…

Google says that the new “news by topic search” feature is only available for articles that have been published within the past 24 hours, which may be too short to get the information you’re after.

Google is also working on another feature that will let you sort through your newsfeed by topics.

This could be helpful if you want more information about a particular topic, but you don’t want to scroll down and find it.

However…the fact that you may be unable to easily find specific news articles from the “news from” section may be enough to make you question the usefulness of this feature.

For example, a recent article about a controversial bill in Arizona might not be the best time to search for an article about the bill.

The “news search” option may be a great way to find articles that are popular, but there are other articles you can browse through to find more information.

And you could also get an idea of where to start by searching the topic you’re searching for in Google.

If this feature isn�t for you, you may want to explore some of the other news tools on the Google news site.

You can find the latest Google News updates on Google+

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